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2004.01.0212View of Athens in 1819 with the Hephaisteion at left. Engraving by Joseph Thürmer. Cf. Guide (1962), pp. 18-19, fig 1. 
2004.01.0258Panorama showing Athens in 1819, with the Hephaisteion at left, and the Acropolis at right. Watercolor by Joseph Thürmer. 
2004.01.0214Acropolis from inland. 
2004.01.0305Bazaar in Athens. 
1997.09.0246Painting of François S. Fauvel's house showing the collector on his balcony; the dome of the Holy Apostles to right of center. Photograph of the painting by L. Dupré. 
1997.12.0387Middle Tower in the Stoa of Attalos, Piers 10-11. From a drawing made at the beginning of the 19th century for Edward Dodwell and published in his "Classical and Topographical Tour through Greece", 1819, vol. I, p. 370. Labelled as what was thought to be the "Gymnasium of Ptolemy". Cf. Agora XXIV, pl. 5, Tower W6. 
2004.01.0905Hephaisteion and Acropolis. Painting by Peter von Hess. 
2004.01.0907Area of the Agora after the War of Independence. Watercolor by J.J. Wolfensberger. 
1997.16.0010District of Hypapanti. Watercolor by Rottman. 
1997.05.0504East facade. Surviving marbles imposed on the elevation by Stuart and Revett.