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A 1: Cornice Fragment

Fragment of a small cornice block, broken all around; the corona broken off; at the back a small rough-picked area; two dentils are preserved. Moldings: Upper part of cyma recta (?), ca. 0.075m. Ovolo, ... 20 April 1931

A 38: Fence Post Fragment

Broken at the top. Made to stand upright; in the bottom, an iron dowel, of which projects a part. On one side of the wide faces is a longitudinal groove, double, with a ridge in the center. On the narrow ... 9 June 1931


A 41: Fragments of Kithara of Apollo Patroos

Five fragments. The larger fragment, c), is broken at both ends, as is the scroll underneath. Part of the finished top is preserved. It is flattened and well dressed at the back. The front has a raised ... 17 June 1931, 3 July 1931


A 42: Architrave Fragment: Doric

Preservation: Fragment includes small ovolo, taenia, regula and three guttae. The top and right side are preserved, dressed surfaces. Moldings: (from top to bottom) Small ovolo, H. 0.016m. Taenia, H. 0.044m ... 18 June 1931

A 44: Cornice Block: Doric

Anathyrosis band preserved at both ends, rough-picked in back, which is cut away apparently for lightening (?). Bottom resting surface smooth finished; top rough-picked, smoother on sloping portion over ... 2 July 1931

A 45: Cornice Block: Doric

Both ends of the block preserved, with anathyrosis band, the lower resting surface remains to a thickness of 0.14m.; the profile under the corona is preserved, and the start of the corona, with two mutules ... 2 July 1931


A 49: Cornice Block: Doric

Cornice block from inside corner. Preserved in all dimensions; two sides with anathyrosis at right angles to each other; on the two sides without anathyrosis the stone is cut away, perhaps for lightening, ... 14 July 1931


A 61: Crowning Molding of Pedestal

Two opposite faces preserved, one much broken, other completely preserved. Anathyrosis on both ends. Cuttings for setting object in top, perhaps a tripod. Cf. A 66. Pentelic marble. Drain. 621, 431 Leica, ... 1931


A 64: Triglyph Block Fragment with Mason's Mark

Corner block with triglyphs on both faces preserved in full dimensions though broken. Inner surfaces rough-picked; top, toothed chisel. Dowel hole and mason's marks very carefully cut (se drawing) on top ... 27 July 1931


A 66: Crowning Molding of Pedestal

End block. Broken into two pieces. Three faces of the block are finished with a cornice-like molding; the fourth has anathyrosis and two T-clamps. The top, which is worn smooth from later use, has cuttings ... 1931

A 89: Cornice Fragment

Bed picked smooth; anathyrosis on left hand. First class work. From the Choregic Monument of Nikias. Pentelic marble. House 634/17. 29 Leica ... 1931

A 96: Molding Fragment

Two fragments of huge bead and reel, from the same monument. a) Broken both sides and back. b) Part of one very large bead and an adjacent reel. Cf. A 3384. Pentelic marble. a) At surface. b) Demolition ... 3 February 1932, 4 February 1953

A 99: Relief Mold Fragment

Clay mold for relief with ship scene. Cf. T 3121 and T 3660. Leica ... 19 March 1932

A 105: Sima Fragment: Painted

Sides and back broken; height preserved. Painted bead and reel along edge of bottom surface. Coarse, buff clay, carefully painted in red and black on a fine greenish cream slip. A 418 (Α 909, from Cave) ... 4 August 1931


A 107: Cornice Block

From inside corner. Length and depth fully preserved; moldings partly preserved. Fasciae worked with toothed chisel and drafted smooth at top and bottom. Anathyrosis on end splay to receive another corner ... 7 March 1932


A 137: Capital: Doric

Full height preserved. Rim of echinus cut almost vertical and has a deep V-groove under the abacus instead of curving in. The trachelion is unfluted and flares upward slightly. Top of abacus worked smooth ... August-September 1932


A 138: Step Block

Corner block. The face is picked, and shows no drafting at foot of step. The working of the anathyrosis band is not very smooth, but rather picked. At edge of joint is a smooth worked surface, not sunk ... 1933

A 139: Step Block

Top surface shows practically no wear but bottom is badly worn by reuse as a paving block. Both ends show clamp position scratched on, and further back the clamps as executed. Same workmanship and series ... 1933

A 140: Stylobate Block

Corner. The shorter face of the block is less well finished than the longer, hence probably faced side of building. Rectangular dowels with pour channels for column base whose diameter was about 0.56m ... 1933

A 142: Stylobate Block

Rectangular dowel in bottom. Rectangular dowels for column base in top, with pour channels. Lower part of back of block projects irregularly, showing how deep paving slabs were, ca. 0.20-0.25m. Blue Hymettian ... 1933

A 143: Step Block

A 138 (Ζ 30) - A 144 (Ζ 36) are from the same series. Right end of this block probably joins A 144. Blue Hymettian marble. Pre-excavation, demolition of house 632b/16. Leica, XVI-93 ... 1933

A 144: Step Block

Dowel in right end for course above still retains head. Iron hard to trace. The clamp at this end also retains some lead, both being worn down with surface of block by reuse. Blue Hymettian marble. A 138 ... 1933

A 146: Euthynteria Block with Mason's Mark

Finished with anathyrosis on both ends. Of the front, the lower part is left rough, the upper rough-picked but surrounded by a smooth band. On the top, a setting line 0.155m. back from the front; in front ... 11 February 1933

A 147: Antefix

The lower left corner, and a few small chips missing; otherwise complete except that a roughened band on the smooth plain back shows the point of attachment to a cover tile (?). In low relief, a thirteen-petalled ... 10 March 1933

A 149: Crowning Molding Fragments: Painted

Two small fragments, a bit of the upper worked surface (?) preserved on a); other edges broken. A shallow cavetto above a cyma reversa; on the former, traces of color; on the latter a Lesbian leaf pattern, ... 15 March 1933


A 150: Column Drum: Doric

Top surface rough-picked to edge. Bottom surface rough-picked, with a finished bearing surface. Beveled dowel cutting. Arrises, with a given spacing, wider at the bottom. Pentelic marble. Under side, ... 23 March 1933


A 164: Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped

Preserved along one side, which has a raised edge nearly to one end. Other edges broken. Coarse brick red clay, with buff slip (?). Near the edge, the mark of the paw of an animal, made in the soft clay ... 3 April 1933


A 169: Architrave Fragment with Mason's Mark: Doric

Fragment with regula with guttae. One side preserved with anathyrosis; top rough-picked to within 0.035m. from edge. Fragmentary evidence of a mason's mark (probably letters) on top surface. Evidence ... 5 April 1933


A 170: Antefix

Dimensions fully preserved; lower corners and a few chips missing. At the bottom of the back surface are two triangular cuttings apparently for fitting to the roof tile. In low relief: petaled palmette ... 5 April 1933


A 172: Cornice Fragment with Mason's Mark: Doric

One end preserved, with anathyrosis. Surface of corona roughened apparently to receive color, for slight trace of red is visible. Full height preserved; the mason's mark Ε (other letters broken away) incised ... 5 April 1933


A 183: Antefix Fragment

Complete width and thickness preserved; top broken away. Seven-petaled palmette rising from acanthus. At the lower corners of the back, two triangular cuttings, apparently for fitting to the roof tile, ... 1933

A 187: Cover Tile Fragment: Stamped

Broken at both ends; the stamp impressed lengthwise of the tile on its upper flat surface. Ν Μ Η Τ Ρ Ι Θ Ε Ω [Ν] Σ Κ Α Ι Α Μ Μ Ω Ν [Η] Metroon Series. Cf. A 136, A 164 and SS 113, with the same inscription ... 28 April 1933


A 192: Capital Fragment: Doric

Small fragment, all save one complete flute and the annulets, broken away. Very good work. Pentelic marble. Temple of Ares. Disturbed area above Stoa. Leica, LIX-51 ... 6 April 1933

A 193: Balustrade Cap

Section preserved; both ends broken. Tooled surface. Pentelic marble. Cf. A 194. Leica ... 1932

A 194: Balustrade Cap Fragments

Five fragments, some preserve ends and transverse sections of truncated triangular shape. a) End and section preserved; dowel (0.047m. x 0.04m, D. 0.045m.) on bottom at end; cutting for hook clamp (L ... 1932

A 202: Sima Fragment

Fragment of flank sima with lotus-and-palmette decoration carved in low relief above a lower flat fascia. Parian marble. Provenience unknown. Leica ... 1933

A 203: Cornice Fragments: Painted

a) Bottom surface preserved. Painted lesbian leaf pattern, blue and red preserved on the cyma reversa. Two small fragments, b) and c), also belong of which c) is a corner fragment from mutule with one ... 12 May 1933


A 207: Eaves Tile Fragment: Painted

Very coarse red clay with red bits; fine cream slip on soffit, face, and front part of top. On the face a very elaborated guilloche with central palmettes, painted in black, with accessory red, on the ... 18 May 1933


A 208: Architrave Block: Ionic

Corner block. Dimensions fully preserved. Top surface worked with tooth chisel; lewis hole. At the back, the upper left corner has a cutting, apparently to receive a wooden beam. Its width continues across ... 17 May 1933


A 211: Antefix with Mason's Mark: Plastic

Full height preserved; width and thickness of the antefix preserved, the cover tile broken off at the back. The nine-petalled palmette, in low relief, rises from an acanthus bed; below this decoration ... 24 May 1933

A 214: Anta Capital

Fully preserved save for broken crowning molding and corner chips. Bottom surface worked with toothed chisel. The moldings return on both sides for 0.196m., and the corners are picked away to engage the ... 1933


A 215: Step Block with Mason's Mark

Bottom step block (euthynteria). All surfaces preserved, with anathyrosis on both ends. Front surface: worked with toothed chisel for 0.14m. from top, save for a drafted edge. The remaining surface below ... 29 May 1933

A 225: Column Drum Fragment

From base drum of column. The midpoint of its underside is marked by the intersection of two scratched lines, each ca. 0.20m. long. Surface of underside finished throughout with a toothed chisel, save ... 16 June 1933

A 233: Water Pipe Section

Coarse, pinkish red to orange clay with some particles of mica. Buff slip outside; inside, and on face of lip, a thick red glaze or paint. 0.15m. from one end is an irregular hole, with a lid, for cleaning ... 23 June 1933


A 238: Cornice Block

Reconstructed cornice block. Included in the block are the fragments originally numbered A 238 a, A 239 a and b, and A 602. a) (former A 238 a) Broken away in back and on both sides; part of a small hawk's ... 30 June 1933, June 1935

A 240: Cornice Fragment

Broken away below, in back and on both sides. Top and hawk's beak preserved. Pentelic marble. In late Roman fill. Leica ... 30 June 1933


A 248: Step Block with Mason's Mark

Bottom step block. All surfaces preserved with anathyrosis on both ends. Top surface smooth with setting line 0.395m. from front surface. For a distance of 0.330m. from front surface we have a raised area ... 23 January 1934

A 249: Step Block with Mason's Mark

Bottom step block. Both ends broken. Front surface worked smooth to 0.120m. from top. The remaining surface below projects 0.01m. from this finished face and is rough-picked. Top surface badly weathered ... 23 January 1934


A 256: Cornice Block: Ionic

Depth and width preserved. One end, and part of the corona, broken. Cuttings in back for wooden beams, spaced ca. 0.385m. clear dimension. Anathyrosis on one end, which also bears a dowel cutting on the ... 27 January 1934


A 257: Cornice Block: Ionic

Full height preserved, one end and back broken away; anathyrosis on preserved end. Evidence of clamp-cuttings on top. 0.350m. back from the front horizontal cornice, the top is finished at an angle to ... 27 January 1934

A 258: Architrave Backer

Back and bottom surface broken away; top preserved, with evidence of a clamp cutting. The crowning molding projects 0.018m. Anathyrosis on preserved end. Weathering along front edge on top. Assigned to ... 27 January 1934

A 259: Column Drum Fragment: Ionic

A bottom drum, unfluted, terminating below in an apogee with relieving surface beneath. The bottom finished with at toothed chisel, as also the shaft. On the bottom a circle lightly scratched 0.11m. in ... 23 January 1934


A 260: Tympanum Fragment

The thickness preserved; both ends broken away. Front surface partly preserved. Evidence of clamp cutting on the top of one broken end. Top bearing surface picked with a toothed. Bottom surface picked ... 23 January 1934

A 263: Wall or Step Block

Part of top, of one finished face, and one joint end preserved. On the top at the broken end part of a dowel cutting, its middle 0.165m. in from the finished face of the block. 0.155m. from the end which ... 23 January 1934


A 264: Architrave Block

Corner block. All surfaces partly preserved; fasciae on interior as well as exterior. Underside finished with anathyrosis and a relieving surface (?). Top surface worked with tooth chisel; bears both pry ... 23 January 1934


A 271: Architrave Block: Ionic

Full length preserved, with anathyrosis on both ends. Moldings above fasciae on both interior and exterior surfaces broken away. Vertical surface above fasciae smooth picked on exterior and rough-picked ... 15 June 1933


A 272: Lion's Head Spout Fragment

Lower jaw and muzzle broken away and the whole head torn from the sima. Hair of crown schematically rendered by pyramidal tufts placed on checkerboard arrangement. Assigned to either the Temple of Ares ... 5 February 1934

A 274: Crowning Molding Fragment

Top of crowning block preserved; rest broken. Hawk's beak beneath fascia. Shell conglomerate. Marble pile. Leica ... 21 June 1934


A 278: Architrave Fragment: Ionic

One end preserved, with anathyrosis. Top, back and other end broken away. Bottom surface and triple fasciae worked with a toothed chisel into a smooth drafted edge on top and bottom of fasciae surfaces ... 23 January 1934

A 279: Capital Fragment: Ionic

Fragment of echinus of Ionic capital, with painted egg and dart on the convex surface of the molding. Preserved, the lower part of a dart and parts of the eggs adjacent. The resting surface dressed with ... 1 March 1934

A 280: Fence Post

Stands upright, with a cutting along the bottom. On one of the wide faces we have a horizontal groove, double, with a ridge in the center. On the narrow face are seven mortise holes. There are two more ... 2 March 1934

A 290: Water Channel

Coarse red clay, light slip. Jointed to the next with white cement. From northern passage, Kolonos Agoraios. Leica ... 16 March 1934

A 296: Antefix

Broken at the back and chipped at the sides. The edges are scalloped; the front plain, as if prepared for color, of which however no trace remains. Parian marble. ADDENDA Central lines of metals and traces ... 30 March 1934


A 304: Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped

Broken all around. Rather coarse yellowish clay. Thick buff slip on top and bottom which is flaking off. Stamped: ΙΕΡΑΝΜΗΤΡΙΘΕΩΝ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΙΟΣΚΑΙΑΜΜΩΝΙΟΣ Metroon series. Cf. Negative number XXXIV-23. Black ... 4 April 1934


A 308: Cornice Fragment

With dentils. One end, which bears anathyrosis, and bottom partly preserved. Other end picked and broken. Evidence of a lewis hole on top. Very poor workmanship. From the Odeion, Main Order. Hymettian ... 2 April 1934

A 326: Architrave Block with Fasciae

Top and one end broken away. Anathyrosis on preserved end. The fasciae picked with a toothed chisel save for slight drafting on edges. From the Odeion. Pentelic marble. Cf. A 278, A 1162 and A 1382. In ... 11 April 1934


A 329: Roof Tile Fragment: Stamped

A tegula with a bit of the over locking end preserved. Cf. A 304. Mother of the Gods series. Burned layer of Burned Building, as A 309 etc. Leica, color slide ... 13 April 1934


A 341: Cover Tile

One end is preserved, though slightly battered. At the other end the tile has been rudely cut off, probably somewhere near the middle. The underside is rough-picked, with a sort of swelling near the original ... 18 April 1934


A 367: Cornice Fragment with Molding

Lateral geison with hawk's beak crowning molding. Right end preserved and finished with good anathyrosis. Ovolo type, with deep incision on fascia at spring of molding. From the Stoa of Zeus. Pentelic ... 1933


A 368: Cornice Fragment with Molding

Front horizontal cornice with hawk's beak crowning molding. From the left hand corner of the pediment of the Stoa of Zeus. The superimposed first block of the raking geison was cut in a separate piece; ... 1933

A 369: Cornice Fragment with Molding

Raking cornice with hawk's beak crowning molding, from the Stoa of Zeus. Profile similar to A 367 (Η' 705). Doric leaf pattern with some of the red color preserved on the leaf. Pentelic marble. Found ... 1933

A 370: Triglyphs Fragments

Two fragments of triglyphs from the Stoa of Zeus. The headband is crowned with a half-round molding. The space between the glyphs at their tops is gently curved and deeply undercut. Corner drops broken ... 1933

A 371: Anta Capital Fragment

Only fragment from the middle of the front face remains. Broken below. Crowned by a half round; ovolo hawk's beak. From the Stoa of Zeus. Pentelic marble. Found in clearing east front of Stoa. Leica, 6-36 ... 1933

A 372: Epikranitis Molding Fragment

Broken both ends and below. The back is rough-picked: original working suggesting that the pieces is a patch. Most of the beak is broken away. Spacing of ornament 0.033m. From the Stoa of Zeus. Pentelic ... 1933

A 373: Cornice Fragment

Fragment of hawk's beak molding, probably from raking cornice. Ovolo type. Broken at both ends. Traces of painted leaf. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA Hephaisteion? Found in clearing east front of Stoa.; but ... 1933

A 374: Molding Fragment

Hawk's beak. Broken away both ends, below and behind. Ovolo type. Finished with a toothed chisel on top. Granular creamy Poros. From clearing in front of Temple of Apollo and Stoa of Zeus. Leica ... 1933

A 375: Sima Fragment

One end preserved; a joint surface. Cyma recta type. Pentelic marble. Found in clearing in front of Stoa of Zeus. Leica ... 1933

A 377: Cornice Fragment with Molding

Broken both ends, below and behind. Cyma reversa type. Hawk's beak from front horizontal. Covered with a thin coat of marble-dust stucco and painted blue. There is some stucco on top. Probably from Temple ... 1933

A 384: Base Fragment: Ionic

Part of the bottom surface preserved. Archaic. Pentelic marble. Marble dump to east of Stoa of Attalos. Leica PD 1581, PD 2399 ... 1933

A 385: Cornice Fragment: Doric

Small fragment of raking cornice soffit with shallow hawk's beak. Pentelic marble. Marble dump to east of Stoa of Attalos. Leica ... 1933

A 386: Cornice Fragment

Sides and back broken. From raking cornice of Stoa of Zeus. Pentelic marble. Cf. A 148, horizontal cornice. Marble dump to east of Stoa of Attalos. Leica ... 1933


A 387: Ceiling Coffer Fragment: Painted

Red, blue and green color well preserved. Assigned to the Temple of Ares. Pentelic marble. Cf. Ptg. 329, drawing of restored ceiling coffer. Marble dump to east of Stoa of Attalos. Leica, 9-82 ... 1933


A 388: Ceiling Beam Fragment: Painted

Part of the top preserved; back, bottom and sides broken. No color preserved on the egg and dart, but the pattern complete. Green color remains in angles at bottom between egg and darts. (A more complete ... 1933

A 389: Sima Fragment with Lion's Head Spout

Ovolo type. Pentelic marble. Marble dump to east of Stoa of Attalos. Leica ... 1933

A 390: Sima Fragment

Cavetto sima. Island marble. Same: A 1835, A 1892, A 2527, A 2995, A 3006. Cf. horizontal series A 758 etc. Marble dump behind Stoa of Attalos. Leica ... 1933

A 391: Architrave Fragments: Ionic

Two fragments. a) Broken at top, bottom, back and right end. The left end preserved, with well worked anathyrosis. b) Broken on all faces save the front. The molding consist of a cavetto above a cyma ... 1932


A 394: Sima Fragment

Broken on right end and along inner edge. At the left end there remains a trace of a cutting for a half-housing joint. Cyma reversa type crowned with an ovolo molding. On the front a band of palmettes ... 1932

A 399: Cornice Fragment

Molding fragment from raking cornice. Broken at left end. A patch in the molding, carefully worked with joint surfaces at back and at right end. Hawk's beak of ovolo type with narrow flat fillet at lower ... 1931

A 400: Ceiling Beam Fragments: Painted

Two fragments: a) The top surface, toothed, with relieving surface, preserved. Behind, part of a circular cutting, rough-picked. On the crowning molding the marks of a painted egg and dart pattern. On ... 14 April 1934


A 403: Altar Side Block

Preserved at the right end and broken at the left; much battered; broken also above. Along both preserved faces a series of base and crown moldings, comprising, from bottom to top, guilloche, Lesbian leaf, ... 1931

A 404: Grill Crown Fragment

Broken at right end, behind and below. Finished with toothed chisel on left end and top. An ovolo surmounted by a plain fascia. Fair work. Pentelic marble. Found in the front of the S.E. corner of the ... 12 May 1934

A 407: Molding Fragment

Perhaps part of a door jamb. The back is smooth, the front rough-picked, with a curved molding of crosses and degenerate palmettes. Byzantine. Pentelic marble. Lying on the floor in the passage of the ... Byzantine

A 408: Capital

A virtually square capital carved with seven petaled palmettes on the face and leaves at the corners. A square dowel hole irregularly placed on top. A rosette above the palmette is preserved on only one ... Byzantine

A 409: Impost Block

A square impost block, carved on the beveled edge with trefoil ornament in the corners, cross with circles in the center, with two crosses in diamonds with dotted triangles as filling ornaments on either ... Byzantine

A 410: Molding Fragment: Painted

Part of top preserved, smooth surface. At top of face, which slopes in sharply under top, a painted egg and dart. Pentelic marble. Marble dump, north central part of section. Leica ... 1934


A 415: Roof Tile: Stamped

The lowest part of a large flat tegula; both sides and end preserved. Made of fine buff clay containing a few large particles of grit. Lightly stamped on its upper surface, the letters sunken; the stamp ... 1931

A 416: Cornice Block

Granular Poros stone. Found built into the substructure of the eastward extension of the small 'rectangular building' to the north of the Apollo temple. From the earth in which it was imbedded a few black-glazed ... 1934

A 417: Crowning Molding Fragment

One end preserved, with anathyrosis. Top toothed, with dowel cutting. Back roughly picked. Along center of front, ornamental moldings: Lesbian leaf above, then bead and reel, egg and tongue, and bead ... 4th century B.C.

A 418: Sima Fragment: Painted

A little of the original left end remains, with the joint surface. Broken at right end and behind. Ovolo type with plain fascia above and below. On soffit a band of bead and reel, in red; on lower fascia ... 31 May 1934

A 419: Sima Fragment: Inscribed

Broken both ends and behind. Plain vertical fascia. Gritty buff clay, covered with thin yellow wash. Scratched in the dry clay on its inner surface: Α Cave; from layer of burnt material on cistern floor ... 31 May 1934