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[Object]  I 5423: Base Fragment

Inscribed fragment of statue base. Inscribed face, which was down has suffered greatly from fire (?); otherwise intact. Crowning and base mouldings much chipped. Four lines of the inscription preserved ... 7 May 1938 ... Eleusinion, ca. 5.00m. north of

[Object]  I 5437: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face and right side preserved; also roughly dressed back. Dedication to Apollo Hypakraios. Four lines of the inscription preserved, within a wreath. Outside the wreath, at ... 14 May 1938 ... Eleusinion.

[Object]  I 5450: Honorary Monument Fragments

Inscribed fragments of base. Two joining fragments preserve inscribed face, top, bottom and right side. Small base with simple mouldings above and below. Inscribed face and other surfaces chisel dressed ... 20 May 1938 ... Eleusinion.


[Object]  I 5451: Marble Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Inscribed face, chisel-dressed, only preserved. On fragment a), three lines of the inscription preserved; on fragment b), one line. Pentelic marble. ADDENDA I 5506 belongs. Cf. I ... 20 May 1938 ... Eleusinion.

[Object]  I 5645: Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face and rough picked back only preserved. Surface badly worn. Six lines of the inscription preserved, with an apparent blank space below; stoichedon. Space between lines, ... 23 February 1939 ... Found in modern wall over the Panathenaic Way, southwest of the Eleusinion.