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[Object]  I 6132: Marble Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Law about selling grain. Fragment ΚΤΛ 260 a), broken all around. Rough picked back preserved. Fragment ΠΑ 3 b), broken all round; back rough picked. Mentions Julius Nikanor. Pentelic ... Early 3rd. century A.D ... Eleusinion.

[Object]  I 7265: Horos Stone

Inscribed stele. Broken below and very worn from foot traffic as a result of two later reuses as a threshold block. Near top, inscription in large letters, then vacat ca. 0.023m. down to a sunken relief ... 2 April 1971 ... the Eleusinion

[Object]  I 2907: Marble Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Fragment Π 594 a), inscribed on two adjacent faces,the only surfaces preserved. On face A, the end of three lines of the inscription preserved; on face B, the beginning of four. ... 5th. century B.C ... Eleusinion.


[Object]  S 2062: Portrait Bust of Male Figure

Complete with only minor fractures; life-size. Short hair lying close to head. Mustache and light beard. Drapery hides right arm and hand held across chest. Pupils drilled, irises outlined by incision ... 3rd c. A.D ... Under fallen blocks north of great north retaining wall of Eleusinion.


[Object]  A 3386: Frieze Block: Doric

Block apparently complete. Only the right end has been exposed; in its upper half the end was left rough and its front edge chamfered to take the overlapping next frieze block (?); the lower half is cut ... 18 July 1963 ... W. corner of Eleusinion.


[Object]  A 3387: Frieze Block: Doric

Block now rests upside down so its original top is not visible. Both ends of block treated like right end of A 3386, i.e. rough in upper half and chamfered at front, square cut in lower half. Back of block ... 18 July 1963 ... W. corner of Eleusinion.


[Object]  I 3845: Grave Relief Fragment

Inscribed fragment of grave relief of Athenokles. Broken at the bottom. The full width is preserved, but the surface is chipped at the right. Preserved is the head of a bearded man, left, wearing a petasos ... Before 350 B.C ... Found in the floor of the church of Christ, north of the Eleusinion. Used


[Object]  I 845: Record Fragments

Fragment of inscribed stele. "POLETAI" record; sale of confiscated property. Fragment Ι 363 a), broken all round. Parts of ten lines of the inscription preserved and traces of two more at the top above ... Late 5th. century B.C ... Eleusinion. c) (ΚΤΛ 308), found in


[Object]  I 1008: Marble Fragments: List of Names

Fragments of inscribed block. List of names; possibly the list of those who lost their lives at Syracuse. Fragment Η 419 a), broken away above, below, and to the left. The right side has anathyrosis ... Late 5th. century B.C ... Eleusinion. c) (ΒΒ 39), found in


[Object]  I 2470: Marble Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Fragment Ο 231 a), inscribed face only preserved. Boustrophedon. Joining fragment ΒΒ 48, smooth left side preserved. Thirteen lines of the inscription preserved, as joined. Fragment ... a) (Ο 231) 21 February 1935 (ΒΒ 48) 13 October 1938 b) (ΒΒ 92) 22 February 1939 c) (ΒΒ 158) 20 March 1939 ... Eleusinion. c) (ΒΒ 158), found in