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A 2758: Antefix Fragment

Upper part only preserved. The petals are modeled only at the edges; on the face they must have been painted. Island marble. Same as A 296, A 897, A 898. Found among marbles in N.W. corner of Eleusinion ... 29 April 1959 ... Found among marbles in N.W. corner of Eleusinion precinct.


A 2890: Offering Table

Much battered, but essentially complete. Sort of orthostate with molding at top and pilaster at either side of front face. Molding returns along sides. At back, block carefully hollowed out. On top at ... 20 July 1959 ... Well at foot of great north peribolos wall of Eleusinion.


A 3386: Frieze Block: Doric

Block apparently complete. Only the right end has been exposed; in its upper half the end was left rough and its front edge chamfered to take the overlapping next frieze block (?); the lower half is cut ... 18 July 1963 ... W. corner of Eleusinion.


A 3387: Frieze Block: Doric

Block now rests upside down so its original top is not visible. Both ends of block treated like right end of A 3386, i.e. rough in upper half and chamfered at front, square cut in lower half. Back of block ... 18 July 1963 ... W. corner of Eleusinion.

BI 778: Bone Stylus

Broad, flat erasing end only preserved, along with stub of shaft. North of Eleusinion, loose fill within building. Leica ... 24 June 1959 ... North of Eleusinion, loose fill within building.


I 236: Record Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Confiscated property of Alcibiades. "POLETAI" record. Fragment ΣΤ 604 from upper right corner of inscribed block. Full thickness of block preserved, but large flakes broken from surface ... (ΣΤ 604) 11 May 1932 a) (Κ 1350) 16 July 1947 b) (Κ 22) 22 January 1934 c) (ΘΘ 5) 18 December 1936 c) (ΙΙ 242b) March 1938 d) (ΘΘ 30) 30 December 1936 d) (ΘΘ 44) 17 January 1937 d) )ΙΙ 133) 7-8 March 1938 ... southern part of the Eleusinion ... southern part of the Eleusinion ... Eleusinion. e) (ΘΘ 43), found in a

I 364: Honorary Dedication Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Fragment I 14, parts of seven lines of the inscription preserved. Between the third and fourth an erasure of apparently one line. Fragment Ι 14 and ΙΙ 341a), inscribed face and bottom ... Ca. 60 A.D ... , south of the Eleusinion. b ... Eleusinion.


I 845: Record Fragments

Fragment of inscribed stele. "POLETAI" record; sale of confiscated property. Fragment Ι 363 a), broken all round. Parts of ten lines of the inscription preserved and traces of two more at the top above ... Late 5th. century B.C ... Eleusinion. c) (ΚΤΛ 308), found in


I 1008: Marble Fragments: List of Names

Fragments of inscribed block. List of names; possibly the list of those who lost their lives at Syracuse. Fragment Η 419 a), broken away above, below, and to the left. The right side has anathyrosis ... Late 5th. century B.C ... Eleusinion. c) (ΒΒ 39), found in


I 2260: Record Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Treasure record of Athena. Fragment Π 39, broken all around; right edge preserved; face much flaked away. Twenty lines of text preserved; stoichedon, except for some irregularities ... After 346/5 B.C ... Eleusinion.