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P 9739: One-Handled Cup

Mended from many pieces; small fragments of wall missing; restored in plaster. Small flattened bottom; rounding walls merging into gently out-turned lip. Single vertical handle, round in section, from ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9740: One-Handled Cup Fragment with Paint ...

From a cup in shape and fabric as P 9739 (ΟΑ 90) mended from three pieces; handle and part of rim and wall preserved. Decoration in matte brown next to the handle, two vertical stripes, then a circle with ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9741: Pithos Fragments with Paint Decoration

Two fragments, one from the wall, the other from the rim. Nearly vertical wall; broad horizontal projecting rim, set just below plain lip, and pierced with two large holes. Decoration: on the rim, a band ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9742: Askos

Handmade. Mended from many pieces; all of bottom, most of lower wall and back, missing. Rounded upper body ornamented with horizontal ribs; lower wall, set at an angle, plain; straight neck, rising vertically ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9743: Pitcher Fragment

Handmade. Mended from many pieces; much of the body and most of the lip, with the upper part of the handle, missing. Flat bottom; eggy body forming a continuous curve with the neck. Plain lip apparently ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9744: Bowl

Mended from many pieces; a few small fragments of rim and walls missing; restored in plaster. Deep wide bowl with small projecting lip. Walls flare from flat bottom, then curve inwards slightly to the ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9745: Vessel: Cooking Ware

Mended from many pieces; fragments of body missing, restored in plaster. Large deep-bodied pot; short flaring rim; small flat bottom. Just below the rim a single small vertical handle, round in section ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9746: Water Jar

Many fragments of walls and most of one handle missing; restored in plaster. Plump rounded body neatly flattened on the bottom; wide neck; plain flaring rim. Two horizontal handles, round in section, at ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9747: Pitcher

Lip largely broken away; fragments from body missing; restored in plaster. Round-bodied one-handled pitcher; small bottom irregularly flattened; wide neck, slightly flaring plain lip. Handle, round in ... 17-26 March 1937

P 9748: Jar Fragment

Mended from many pieces; fragment from wall only, with one pierced horizontal lug handle. Faint trace of curve to neck at top of fragment. Micaceous red clay; red slip. Well E. Leica ... 17-26 March 1937