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PD 2746-aEleusinion Plan of Restored Temple 
PD 2747Eleusinion - Elevation of Restored Temple 
2004.01.0798Eleusinion, excavating the temple. 
2004.01.0722Round building to South of the Eleusinion. 
1997.15.0144View of the Eleusinion with the Acropolis in the background. 
2004.01.0796Eleusinion, northeast corner of the Temple. 
2004.01.0727Eleusinion, the Propylon. Eugene Vanderpool standing in the center. 
PD 2758Eleusinion Temple Foundation Diagram to illustrate Geometric procedure to widen foundation to golden section proportion (from Euclid II, 11) 
2004.01.0797Eleusinion, temple, detail of the foundation, northwest corner.